Banana(Matooke) growing

Banana Farming
Venture Category: 
Venture Size: 

450 banana plants

Initial Capital Required: 


Initial Labour Units: 

Pits of banana suckers cost 2000/= @. You need 450 X 2000 = 900,000/=

Initial Inputs: 
1. Banana Suckers , 450 @2000 = 900,000/= 2. One trip of Cow dung @120,000/= 3. 20kg of DAP @3000 =60,000/=
Cost of Initial Inputs: 


Variable Costs: 

Costs on Mulching, fertilisers, Labour

Optimal Venture Setting: 

Any where where land is not dry

Available Market: 

Local markets

Product Market Price: 

@ cluster costs minimum 15,000/=

Brief Venture Description: 


Banana (Matooke) is a widely grown plantation in Uganda & basically is consumed on a daily basis by many homesteads.In a year a banana farmer can get 1350 clusters of matooke . But you can sell one at 10,000/= X 1350 = 13,500,000/= or a farmer can sell one at 15,000/= X 1350 clusters in ayear that means your getting 20,250,000/= from the garden without injecting in money for transport to access the market, clients can find you on farm.


Spacing for banana suckers pit should be a minimum of 10ft x 10ft.

Diameter of sucker pit should be 3ft.

Depth of sucker should be 2ft.

Business Challenges: 

Competition with large scale farmers