Bee farming (Apiculture)

Bee Farming
Venture Category: 
Venture Size: 

The Revenue potential is estimated at US$ 8,300 per year.

Initial Capital Required: 

The Project cost is US$ 8942.

Initial Labour Units: 

1 Person per acreage

Initial Labour Cost: 

US $50

Initial Inputs: 
Centrifuge Machine costing $3000 (1 Unit required) = $3000, Wooden beehives costing US$15 @ (50 units required) =$750, Smoker Pumps costing $25 @ (1 unit required) =$25, Buckets costing US$ 3 @ (5 units required) = US$15, Hive tools costing $ 1 @ (4 units required) = US$ 4, Protective wears Costing US$4 @ (15 units required) = US$ 60 , Filtering sieves Costing $1.5 @ (4 units required) = US$6, Land 3acres @ costing US$750 = US$2250, Total cost of Equipments = US$ 6110
Cost of Initial Inputs: 

Bee wax 0.6kg requires a production cost of US$6 which comes to US$ 156 per month and US$1,872 per year

Fiexd Costs/Recurrent Expenditures: 

Utilities(power) = US$ 15 per month = US$180 per annum,
Utilities (water) = US$ 15 per month = US$180 per annum,
Salaries =US$50 per month= US$600 per annum,
Sub-Total = US$960

Available Market: 

There is high demand for honey for home consumption and pharmaceutical use in making drugs. Some beekeepers salvage the comb to use its wax for candles or at times it is mixed with maize flour to make ice-cream cones. In addition, wax is demanded by cobblers, makers of household textiles and garments. There are so many small scale farmers investing in this business spread all over the Country.

Brief Venture Description: 

Bee hives are opened after the bees have been smoked out using the smoke pump, honeycombs are pressed by hand. Honey is separated from the wax using pressing machines to produce better quality honey. Honey from honeycomb is extracted, warmed, strained and bottled.