Venture Category: 
Venture Size: 

5 pigs

Initial Capital Required: 

Piglets costing UgSh 500,000/=
Piggery house UgShs 500,000/=

Initial Labour Units: 

1 person per 30 mature pigs is optimum

Initial Labour Cost: 

UgShs 100,000/= per labourer

Initial Inputs: 
Piggery House construction: Nails, Poles, wooded off cuttings (Amakoko)@ costing 2,000/=,Cement for strong basement, bricks to provide as foundation, Iron sheets for roofing even used one can work, Piglets Piglets @ costing minimum UgShs 150,000/= Vaccinations Deworming Iron implants Castration
Cost of Initial Inputs: 

750,000 /= for buying the piglets

Variable Costs: 

labour costs

Fiexd Costs/Recurrent Expenditures: 


Optimal Venture Setting: 

Environments with adequate clean water and grass supply, proximity to markets, availability of the veterinary doctor in the area, labour availability.

Available Market: 

All pig butchers, supermarkets, Pork joints.

Product Market Price: 

A 2 months old piglet costs Minimum Ugshs 150,000/=
Currently Market price for mature pig meat costs between UgX 7500/= & 8500/= at carcass weight

Brief Venture Description: 

Piggery is one of the most rewarding and easiest farm project.It ca be started even with little money. Materials for piggeryhouse can be improvised.

They are valuable animals for meat and manure. The rise of organic eating movement has made consumers more aware of where their meat comes from, and many of them prefer buying from small,local producers than large farms.

Pen Construction

Set up a shelter which keeps the pigs from elements of bad weather,diseases and contamination.

You may build your pen with iron or concrete depending which one you prefer and find affordable. When constructing the pen ensure that you build a proper drainage for the pigs where all the wastes can pass through.

Also ensure that the drainage is kept clean all the times to avoid insects,pests,diseases and contamination.


To start your piggery ,you need healthy piglets which you acquired from other pig farmers around you. Ensure the pigltes you buy are healthy and have been taken care of.Endevour to inquire about thier vaccination history records and that they are up to date. In one one year your pig can produce/farrow twice,producing between 8 -12 piglets each time on average.


Piggery management

The farm has to be kept free of diseases and health problems. Take note of vaccinations and dee-worming schedule. You can enlist the assistance of the Veterinary doctor who can administer the vaccinatiosn and checking the pigs' health regularly. He can also give nutrition advice and better treatment options.


Pigs can eat almost every thing human beings eat. You need not worry about getting special feeds .However to increase productivity you need to get a proper feed mixture plan/formula. Pigs need a balanced diet with classes of food like protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins,minerals etc. Many commercial feeds sellers offer a variety of formulae. Feeds constituents include but not limited to Maize,Maize bran,roast soya,sunflower cake, cotton seed cake, fish meal,Premix.They premix cnatins vitamins, amino acids and other constituent minerals. You can enlist the advice of other farmers for the best formula that can work best for you in lieu of your breed and financial plan.


Business Challenges: 

-Maintain high leves of general cleaniliness -Theft -Price fluctuations

Entreprenuer Contact: 
kigongo- Frank-