Tomato growong
Venture Category: 
Venture Size: 

2 wooden ply harvest per week

Initial Labour Units: 

1 person per acreage

Initial Labour Cost: 

100000 shsper laborer

Initial Inputs: 
seeds(Hybrid), dry grass, water for irrigation, fertilizers (animal excrete),spraying machine, Pesticides,labour, 2 acres of farm land,nursery bed
Cost of Initial Inputs: 


Variable Costs: 

Irrigation services,

Fiexd Costs/Recurrent Expenditures: 

Water, pesticides, labor

Optimal Venture Setting: 

optimally swamp area or water catchment area

Available Market: 

Mostly urban areas, near markets etc

Brief Venture Description: 

Generally a seasonal fruit because of its market dynamics. Tomatoes are needed in almost all homes and are a must ingredient in all foods besides being eaten raw and added as side delicacy to many foods. theres need for market research as during rainy seasons prices of tomatoes tend to fluctuate as theres flooding on the market of tomato produce. The need for constant irrigation tend to push many intending farmers from growing tomatoes. During dry seasons tomatoes are on high demand

Business Challenges: 

Unpredicatable seasons, High costs of pesticides,

Entreprenuer Contact: 
Frank - +256712033733