Welcome to Avodah Systems Solutions

Our Philosophy

Is that successful entreprenuers lose nothing in helping other entreprenuers. The proverbial saying thus goes "a candle loses nothing in lighting another candle". The difference between the 'you Now' & 'you then' is lack of appropriate information. We try to equip you with basic knowledge on how you can possibly get there.


Ethno-Medicine Disease English Name
Tonsillitis Tonsillitis
Measles Measles
Malaria (Option 3) Malaria
Hypertension Hypertension
Malaria (Option 2) Malaria
Malaria Malaria
High blood pressure High blood pressure
Stomachache (Option 3) Stomacheche
Stomachache (Option 2) stomacheche
Stomachache Stomachache
Yellow fever (Option 3) Yellow fever
Yellow fever (Option 2) Yellow fever
Yellow fever Yellow fever


Our Mission

We strive to make business start-up easier for the young upcoming entreprenuers allover Uganda.

At Start-up Dialogue we Believe in small businesses. We dont underestimate the role SME's Play in our Country's GDP value chain.

We aim to provide the following services;

  1. Digital Solutions
  2. Web &Mobile App Development